PraLin now in English!

31 augusti, 2020

PraLin – Practical toolkit for equal rights in education now available in English!

The Uppsala Antidiscrimation Office, ADU, and Malmö Against Discrimination, MmD, have collaborated in creating this toolkit.

We now proudly present PraLin ENGLISH version!

PraLin is for: teachers, students, guardians and everyone else searching for norm-critical material about equality work in English. The toolkit is a digital book you can order FOR FREE at:

The Swedish Antidiscrimination act legally binds schools to actively prevent discrimination and promote equal rights for all students. PraLin Toolkit is a digital book which guides you through the process of Active measures against discrimination. Use PraLin for inspiration on how norm-critical perspectives help in preventing discrimination and promting equal rights. PraLin also provides accessible information on what the law requires, without a difficult legal vocabulary. The toolkit includes 10 chapters of tools to support schools to:

  • Create safer spaces while working against inequality
  • Investigate risks
  • Analyze risks in the current school environment
  • Implement practical work to prevent discrimination and promote equality
  • Follow up and evaluate

Any questions? Order your free PraLin Pdf at