Workshops and lectures

There are many reasons to why discrimination occurs and education is not always the answer or solution. Knowledge about discrimination, legislation, norms and power is, as well as tools for equal rights, however an important part of a long term work towards less discrimination in our society.

The ADU offer workshops and lectures within a range of areas connected to equal rights and the discrimination law. Our workshops combine knowledge-based lectures, discussions and activities with the participants.

Our workshops and lectures are based in normcritical perspectives. This means that we link discrimination and harassment to norms and power. It also means seeing how different norms and power structures operate together (intersectionality).

Our workshops and lectures provide knowledge on:

  • Discrimination
  • Hate speech, threats and harassment online and IRL
  • Legislations
  • Equal rights
  • Norms and normcritical strategies
  • Inequality in power relations

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